Wines of Wallachia – 8 hours

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Although less known worldwide, Romanian wines are some of the best in Europe and the world. This full-day trip is designed for those who want to learn more about the story of the millenary tradition of winemaking in Romania. Hear about different grape varieties used to produce the wines, the fermentation process, and get expert tips on wine-tasting techniques.

After about an hour and a half drive from Bucharest, we will reach the Dealu Mare region, one of Romania’s top wine-producing areas.

As soon as we arrive in the countryside, you’ll immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape, with endless rows of vineyards covering the rolling hills.

To understand the winemaking story, our first stop will be “Crama 1777” museum. Located on the famous “Wine Road”, at this museum, we will discover how the wine was made and aged in the XIX-XX century.

We will see tools and objects needed in a wine cellar, such as tools for viticulture, grape processing, ceramic wine storage vessels, a collection of barrels for wine and tescovina rack, a collection of Romanian folk costumes from different regions of the country as well as a collection of coins discovered in the area.

After that, you will discover the first winery on our itinerary. A wine expert will be waiting for you, and the experience will start with an overview of the winery with detailed explanations about the winemaking process; Here, you will taste 3 different wines along with food fingers, cheese, local bread, and fresh olive oil.

As you can imagine, each winery has its own unique technique in producing wine, so the second stop will allow you to compare them. After the guided visit of the old wine cellars, to conclude the Romanian wine tasting experience, you will taste another 3 different types of wine, carefully selected by a sommelier. Feast on a tasty selection of food fingers, cheese, local bread, and be ready to gain knowledge from this in-depth wine tasting experience.

Between the two visits, we will stop for a traditional lunch in a local restaurant – a special place filled with peace and natural beauty. The food is served in wooden plateaus, and everything is prepared with natural ingredients only.

From EUR 149

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  • Travel in a small, friendly group led by a knowledgeable tour guide
  • Visit two (hand-picked) wineries and enjoy a generous wine tasting session at each
  • Meet passionate winemakers and learn about their processes and techniques
  • Admire the scenic countryside of Dealu Mare, one of Romania’s top wine-producing regions
  • Learn all the secrets about how you should combine the wine with the food


  1. Dealu Mare
  2. Bucharest