Medieval City of Sibiu (Hermannstadt) - 2 days

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Day 1: Bucharest – Sinaia – Brasov – Sibiu

Departure in the morning from Bucharest to Sibiu. On our way, we will stop at Sinaia, a very famous mountain resort known also as the “Pearls of the Carpathians”. Here we will visit a typical and peaceful worship place, Sinaia Monastery, the first construction in this region since the late XVIIth century.
The next visit here is Peles Castle, the former summer residence for the first Royal couple of Romania, King Carol 1st and Queen Elisabeth. Considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, the construction is impressive thanks to the architectural style and decorations, but most of all thanks to the beautiful interior design.

The next stop is Brasov, Kronstadt (“the city of the crown”) under its German name. Yes, you are now officially in Transylvania! In Brasov, you will have lunch in a typical restaurant and enjoy a lovely walk on the narrow and cobblestone streets of the old city center. You will see The Council Square, The Council Tower, The famous Black Church (the largest Gothic construction in the Eastern part of Europe).

In the evening head to Sibiu for dinner and overnight in the city.

Day 2: Sibiu – Bran – Bucharest

Sibiu was a German medieval citadel, with the first documentary attestation in 1191, and the old name Hermanstadt. Being so well preserved, in 2007, Sibiu gained the title of the European Capital of Culture. You will enjoy here a walking tour in the old town (the historical center of Sibiu) including The Large Square, The Small Square with the picturesque Liars Bridge, the old fortifications of the city, the Council Tower, etc. Later you will have a traditional lunch and head back to Bucharest.

On the way stop at Bran and visit Bran Castle, which became so famous thanks to the legend of Dracula. Here you will find out how this legend was born and why Transylvania is until nowadays related to it. 


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Day 1: Bucharest – Sinaia – Brasov – Sibiu
Day 2: Sibiu – Bran – Bucharest


  1. Sinaia
  2. Bran
  3. Brașov
  4. Sibiu
  5. Bucharest